So you have your brand: now you need a digital marketing strategy and to start a Blog because?

    • It’s a cheap way for your company to communicate with existing and potential customers.  


    • You can engage consumers in a conversation, they can ask you questions, they can comment and they can interact with your brand.



    • According to HubSpot, 60% of businesses that have a blog acquire more customers, so that in itself is a good enough reason to start blogging.


    • You can share your blog posts on all the social media platforms and reach many more potential customers. It’s easier than ever to share your knowledge.


    • It can make you an authority on a chosen subject and a ‘go to’ place for people seeking information. That’s how your customer will find you – they need information; your blog gives them that information.  This is the goal of any decent PR Campaign: ‘become the voice of authority’.


  • It’s inspiring. I decided to write this post when I was out walking the dog, so inspired in fact that I decided to post a blog about blogging – and you, dear reader, wanted to know about blogging.

And as blogger Daniel D. Beaulieu said,

“The casual conversational tone of a blog is what makes it particularly dangerous.”

So, you can either write the blog yourself or find a copywriter and there are thousands out there advertising their services on sites like Upwork.  But remember this is a long-term project and the content has to be very compelling. After all,

“Content is the reason the search began in the first place.” Lee Odden

Finding a Copywriter for Your Blog

Know what you want – how often do you need content?  What do you want your blog to achieve? What expertise does the blogger need?

“Write what you know.” Mark Twain

Look for someone who can demonstrate genuine interest in your product portfolio – and ask to see examples of their work showing that interest.

Find someone who can write entertaining copy not an SEO expert, tempting though that may be!

Don’t mention keywords or conversions to them, they won’t understand.

Have a two-part selection process: send them a title and ask them to write about the subject. Make changes and corrections, send it back and ask them to re-write it. If they aren’t happy to do that, they’re not the blogger for you.

Whilst I’m clearly a ‘kick ass’ blogger and copywriter I’m also a realist – not everything I write will be erudite and funny.

When I gave my first ever blog post to a friend I sent her a short email…

“This is work, once I’ve finished the copy I don’t mind what you do with it – change it, bin it, use it. If you want me to re-write it I can, it’s no big deal, I won’t take it personally.”

This is what you should look for in a blogger. Open minded and adaptable.