Turmeric… If you enter the word Turmeric into Amazon.com you’ll get over 5,000 results.

Most of the images show a white-labeled standard size bottle with TURMERIC written in yellow, black (or white).

The price varies wildly from $11-$40 per 0.8 oz for what’s essentially an Indian cooking spice that retails at $24 for a 3 lb bag on the same website.

You could argue that if a shopper is convinced it’s a good idea to buy less than an ounce of Turmeric in the Health and Beauty category for $23, rather than a 3 lb bag for $24 in the Grocery category, then the hard work has already been done for you!

All you have to do now is convince the customer that YOUR Turmeric is the best.

Brand Loyalty is Key

Consumers choose brands they love.

We have our favourites and believe that because those products do a better job; suit us better; and taste better, they are worth our hard-earned cash.

As a result, we choose those brands over all the other similar products and brands available to us in an ever-cluttered marketplace.

Sometimes price drives us, but not always. If it did, then Turmeric supplements wouldn’t exist in the Health & Beauty category, because, let’s face it, by any rational measurement they’re vastly overpriced.

Identify Your #1 USP

To make your Turmeric stand out you need to create a brand with a strong identity.

Creating an identity within a niche doesn’t require a revolutionary idea. It simply needs to have one special thing that separates it from the competition.

In reality, you can be “a one hit wonder” as long as that hit is really good.

Do you know what your unique product, service, or selling point is within your niche?

If not, then start there when building your branding strategy.